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Biker Switchboard | Est. 2010

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You will not find a more targeted audience for your business, Motorcycle Shop or other Motorcycle related business than the many daily visitors on the Biker Switchboard.

We have many options for your business including text links, banners and headers that come in many different sizes for almost any budget. When you do a search for Biker Switchboard on Google, you come up with over 13 pages of pages with links for us including our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Google+ and many more pages with our keywords listed!

We also have a very active and rapidly growing Facebook page that is currently getting around 1,000 "likes" a day with many folks sharing pictures, stories and links.

Motorcycle Dealers, Independent Shops & Towing
Biker Friendly Bars, Restaurants & Lodging
Online Motorcycle Parts & Accessories
Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
Rider Training
Legal & Insurance Services

1. Link listings are just on main page and start at $15.00 a month and a 3 Month price of $45.00 that runs for 3 Months.

This is the cheapest way to advertise and are just what the name implies and are posted with just your text and will link to your site.

2. Box Ads are 180 X 180 and are located on our main page and start out at $50.00 a month and a 3 Month price of $125.00  for 3 Months.
Box ads are cool and will stand out much better than Links hands down!



Anyone that comes to our websites are able to click on a link and go directly where the ad is linked up at. What this means is ANYONE can access the posted advertisements on the pages without being a member!

Suppose someone just came here by another link or website and seen your product and thought "I like that" and they click on your advertisement, they will go straight where you want it to! This can be a website, facebook page, event, location, a product that you are wanting to sell or even another link.

Links and banners can be displayed on all our websites for an additional fee and the package is pretty reasonable!

If you heard enough and are ready to purchase advertising on Biker Switchboard then use our easy pay drop down menu on PayPal!

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If you are looking for other options then we also have direct contact with other Motorcycle Websites and Bloggers including a fast growing Internet Radio Station.

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